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Dr. Mahathir Mohamad | 14 Mar 2016

1.Prime Ministers need not follow the policies of their predecessors. They are entitled to formulate their own policies and strategies. But the people have a right to evaluate their performance. The right includes approving, criticising or rejecting the work of the PM. The right of the people includes overthrowing the new PM through peaceful and legal means. The fact that the PM is elected does not mean he cannot be removed before his term. Elected people have been removed or terminated from office for various reasons all over the democratic world.

2.There was a lot of expectations on the part of the people when Najib took over from Abdullah, also an elected PM. He resigned in 2009 and Najib as Deputy PM took over. This is by tradition, not because of any particular rule or law.

3.The expectations of the people that Najib would undo some of the wrong policies of PM Abdullah very quickly faded. This is because he continued the policies of Abdullah which caused the latter to lose five states in the 12th General Election. Najib also introduced policies which undermined the independence of Malaysia and contributed to negative perception of the country.

4.Among these are the following :-

1)He seeks the permission of the Singapore PM for the building of the bridge to replace the Malaysian part of the causeway. Later he asked the Singapore PM when he wanted to build the high-speed train. In both cases he was rejected. He doesn’t seem to be in full charge of the affairs of his own country.

2) He employed European consultants to advise him on the policies for the nation. This cost Malaysia RM 7 billion. These consultants did not understand the multi-racial character of Malaysia and the sensitivities of the people. The result is greater racism and tension between the races in Malaysia. The Chinese who before supported the BN, rejected him completely in 2013.

3)He actually employed Europeans to work in the PM’s department. Their influence over him led to his becoming insensitive to local conditions.

4)He set up agencies outside the Government to direct the affairs of the Government and disregarded the EPU and ICU in the planning and implementation of Malaysia’s development.

5)He paid these agencies, of which Pemandu is a major one, salaries and perks not in accordance with the Government salary scheme i.e. very much higher. He did not follow Government procedures and disregard the relevant authorities when doing this.

6)He increased the budget of the Prime Minister’s Office very many times more. There are so many Ministers in the Prime Minister’s Office. His cabinet is the biggest in Malaysian history.

7)He created jobs with high salaries for people he retired from service so that they will support him irrespective of his wrongdoings.

8)He had a lavish life-style and spent well beyond the means of a Malaysian Prime Minister for his daughter’s wedding.

9)He kept the Ministry of Finance under him together with his job as Prime Minister. This gives him full control over the financial affairs of Government. He was thus able to borrow from Government funds and fix the very low price of Government land when selling to 1MDB.

10)Failing to take over the management of the Terengganu Investment Agency, he set up 1 Malaysia Development Berhad, a company with 1 million Ringgit capital from the Government.

11)He appointed himself as adviser to the company. Obviously anything that is done must be with his knowledge.

12)He borrowed for 1MDB altogether 42 billion Ringgit at high commission and interest rates, which a company with 1 million Ringgit as capital would never be able to do. Effectively the loan is guaranteed by the Government.

13)He then bought private power plants at 12 billion Ringgit. This is well above market prices. He also took over debts amounting to 8 billion Ringgit incurred by a power plant. Later he sold the power plants to China at a loss.

14) 1MDB formed a J.V. with an Arab company called Petro Saudi.

15) This company was said to have two oil concessions in Argentina and Turkmenistan. To date the concessions appear not to have been exploited. Even the existence of the concessions are doubtful.

16) 1MDB paid more than 1 billion US dollars for its share of the J.V.

17) The J.V. was terminated some months later.

18) Instead of getting back the money, Najib lent the 1 billion USD plus another 0.8 billion dollars to the Saudi partner.

19) Where the money is today is not clear as the explanations given are not verified with credible documents.

20) Large sums of money were invested in Cayman Islands.

21) Then we are told the money has been brought back. But most of the money is deposited in a Singapore bank. Then the bank said no money is in the bank. 1MDB then claims it is not money but units. No documentary proof is given, certainly not what the units are worth.

22)1MDB did not bring back the money to Malaysia because Bank Negara might question the source of the money. This is clear admission that there is something wrong with the money.

23) Suddenly it was reported by the Wall Street Journal that Najib had USD681 million (about 2.6 billion Ringgit) in his secret private account in Ambank.

24) He denied at first; then admitted, saying that it was a gift; then that it was a donation to ensure he won the election; then it was a donation from Arabs who appreciated his fight against Muslim terrorists; and finally that it was a donation from the late Saudi King. The source of the money is still not proven.

25) Now a Saudi Minister said there is no record of a gift, that probably it was a Saudi investment. The amount was not so big, he said.

26) No matter how he got the money but the amount is too big to be a donation. No PM of Malaysia should accept that amount of money especially from a foreign national. Certainly it should not be a personal gift.

27) Money in any person’s account, whether from profits or borrowed or gift must be declared to the income tax department even if it is not subject to income tax. Apparently the Internal Revenue Board is not able to verify from official records about how the acquisition or existence of this money was done. There is also no clear report about the money by Bank Negara to determine whether it is being laundered.

28) Then the money is said to have been withdrawn and deposited in Singapore banks.

29) And the Singapore Government is said to have frozen the account.

30) In Malaysia four Government institutions formed a Task Force to investigate the money.

31) Before the report could be made Najib disbanded it by sacking the Attorney-General, putting fear of arrest of the Bank Negara Governor. The Anti-Corruption Commission head went on leave. Only the police continued to function but is silent on the results of the work of the task force. The police is the only member of the task force which has not made a report. Yet the police should be the first to lodge a report to the A.G.

32) Bank Negara and MACC submitted separate reports on the money in Najib’s accounts to the new A.G.

33) Both reports were dismissed by the new A.G. claiming Najib had done nothing wrong.

34) Then the A.G. declared that the balance (2.03 billion RM) had been returned to the Saudis. How this was done when the accounts are frozen is not explained.

35)Malaysians feel ashamed of the reports by influential foreign newspapers about Najib’s questionable management of 1MDB and the huge sum of money in his personal account. When travelling abroad, Malaysians who used to be complimented for their country’s successes are ashamed at being asked about what is happening to their country?

36)Malaysians are ashamed that Malaysia is rated as among the ten most corrupted country in the world and Najib is regarded as the most incompetent Finance Minister.

37) Although Najib threatened to sue, he did not until now, even when the Wall Street Journal and other papers revealed more and more unsavoury stories about him and 1MDB losses as well as the money in his private account. The amount involved is now reported to be RM4 billion.

38) Malaysian papers are not allowed to report on 1MDB except the explanation by the Government.

39) All the institutions of Government which are tasked with protecting the citizen’s well-being have now been undermined by Dato’ Seri Najib so that people fear these institutions instead of relying upon them to secure their freedom and well-being.

40)It is because of all these that the citizen of Malaysia call for his removal.

ATM : Artileri kepentingannya kepada Tentera Darat.

Artileri merupakan salah satu elemen yang penting kepada satu ketumbukkan tentera darat.

Pasukan ini melepaskan tembakkan terhadap sasaran yang berada jauh dari posisi pasukan.

Tembakkan ini turut memberi kesan tersendiri kepada musuh khususnya tembakkan bertalu-talu oleh kumpulan bateri artileri yang boleh melemahkan kedudukan musuh secara fizikal dan juga dari segi psikologi.

Istilah shell-shock sememangnya lazim digunakan kepada anggota tentera yang mengalami masalah psikologi akibat terdedah kepada peperangan pada satu jangka masa yang lama.

Rejimen Artileri Diraja merupakan elemen ketumbukkan artileri utama Tentera Darat, dipertanggungjawabkan untuk mengendalikan hal-hal berkaitan Artileri.

Dengan arus moden semasa, Pasukan ini turut mengoperasikan pelancar roket berganda Astross.

Untuk rekod 105mm OTO-Melara Mod 56 merupakan antara meriam yang paling banyak diguna di Malaysia semasa era Insurgensi dan juga Konfrantasi.

Meriam ini juga mendapat nama jolokan ' laras berdaulat '. Masih berkhidmat kepada Malaysia walaupun sudah melebihi usia 40 tahun.

Gempak : Pendedahan Jual beli tanah Lapangan Terbang Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia ( TUDM )

1MDB Jual Harta Kepada China Lagi

A Kadir Jasin

BELI tanah Lapangan Terbang Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM) Sungai Besi dengan harga murah, tubuh syarikat pemaju dan jual 60 peratus saham kepada konsortium China-Malaysia.
Satu lagi contoh perniagaan atas angin 1MDB ala pelaburan strategik ciptaan Perdana Menteri, (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib bin Abdul Razak.

Betul lah macam kata (Tan Sri) Rafidah Aziz, 1MDB tak bawa apa-apa keuntungan kepada negara. Tak payah tunggu Rafidah buat kesimpulan. Rakyat jelata pun dah faham. Bukan tak untung malah rugi besar. Bukan rugi duit saja, tapi hilang maruah dan kedaulatan.

Itulah “hadiah” tahun baru 2016 Mohd Najib dan budak cerdiknya, Arul “Azrul” Kanda Kandasamy kepada kita – jual 60 peratus saham projek Bandar Malaysia atas tapak pangkalan TUDM itu dengan harga RM7.41 bilion kepada konsortium Iskandar Waterfront Holdings Sdn Bhd (IWH) dan China Railway Engineering Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd (CREC).

IWH adalah milik Cina Malaysia, (Tan Sri) Lim Kang Hoo yang dikatakan tauke pilihan di Johor manakala CREC adalah milik kerajaan China.
Mari kita jadi pahat yang berbunyi selepas rumah siap pasal rumah yang kononnya siap itu compang-camping macam reban ayam sementara. Rasanya dangau di tengah sawah lagi kukuh.

Kononnya masalah hutang dan skandal 1MDB dah selesai. Tapi dok tak dok, hutang yang kita sebut-sebut RM42 bilion dah naik jadi RM45 bilion. Harta dekat-dekat habis dijual kepada orang asing.
Kita pun kena juga tanya syarikat dari China itu, kepakarannya kereta api. Adakah ia juga berkepakaran dalam bidang hartanah. Takut-takut ada muslihat lain di sebalik penjualan kepada syarikat dari China itu. Yang kita tahu projek landasan berkembar dari Gemas ke Johor Baru belum lagi dibagi kepada sesiapa.

Silap-silap banyak lagi aset negara akan dijual atau dipajakkan kepada orang asing untuk tutup lubang 1MDB dan kekalkan Mohd Najib sebagai Perdana Menteri.

Apa Yang Strategiknya?

Macamlah pelaburan hartanah strategik dan susah sangat sampai pelabur tempatan tak mampu nak buat. Apa halnya dengan syarikat-syarikat berkaitan kerajaan (GLC) dan amanah Bumiputera macam Sime UEP, SP Setia, Boustead dan banyak lagi yang dah berpuluh tahun jadi pemaju hartanah?

Pasal apa tak jual kepada mereka? Pasal apa tak suruh mereka pakat-pakat buat konsortium?

Cuba tanya, siapa yang majukan KLCC, KL Sentral, Subang Jaya-USJ dan banyak lagi projek hartanah bersepadu kalau bukan syarikat-syarikat tempatan milik kerajaan dan agensi pelaburan Bumiputera?

Kalau nak juga pelaburan negeri China, ajaklah mereka buat projek yang betul-betuk strategik macam bina kapal terbang, kereta api laju atau kapal kontena yang macam mereka buat di negeri China?

Kalau tak mahu bagi kepada Melayu sebab takut dituduh kroni atau malu nak minta “derma”, pakatlah dengan syarikat Cina tempatan yang ternama dan terbukti macam Eco World, Pavilion Reit, Mah Sing dan banyak lagi.

Ini Cerita Anak Jahat

Cara 1MDB berniaga ini cerita anak jahat yang curi-curi beli tanah bapa sendiri dengan harga murah dan sembunyi daripada adik-beradik.

Bila nak pinjam duit bank, bank minta bapa bagi jaminan. Bapa pun bagi sebab anak janji nak hantar pergi Makkah buat umrah.

Tumbuk rusuk sana, bagi rasuah sini, tanah pun ditukar kegunaan dan dinilai semula dengan harga yang tinggi.

Tapi tembelang pecah. Adik-beradik dapat tahu dan mengamuk. Nak jual kepada Melayu, Melayu tak ada duit. Yang ada duit takut diseret ke dalam pergaduhan keluarga macam yang jadi kepada Tabung Haji bila beli tanah TRX. TRX adalah satu lagi perniagaan atas angin 1MBD.

Pergi jumpa Ah Eng tauke emas, Ah Eng tak mahu sebab harta dah jadi beracun (toxic). Jadi kenalah cari Cina tempat lain yang berani. Cina tempat lain tu pula pakat dengan Cina dari Negeri China.

Jadi tanah yang dulu milik keluarga sekarang 60 peratus dah jadi hak orang lain. Adik-beradik terlepas juga sebab duit yang dapat nak kena guna bayar hutang.

Silap-silap nak beli rumah yang Cina akan majukan itu pun tak mampu. Tak tahulah apa akan jadi dengan janji nak hantar ayah ke Makkah. Bolehkah hantar orang pergi Makkah dengan duit hutang? Dalam Islam, orang yang berhutang itu tarafnya hamba.

Jangan salahkan Cina, tak kira Cina tempatan atau Cina negeri China, Singapura, Indonesia atau Taiwan. Mereka peniaga. Kerja mereka cari dan ambil kesempatan. Kalau Melayu bodoh, tamak haloba dan rasuah, jangan marah Cina kalau habis harta tergadai.

Kerja Haram Zadah

Meminjam dan mengubah suai dua ungkapan yang Mohd Najib sendiri guna, yang “haram zadah” adalah Melayu jenis bangsat yang sanggup gadai maruah bangsa dan agama kerana mabuk kuasa, gila harta dan suka berfoya-foya.

Sebelum ini 1MDB beli penjana elektrik bebas (IPP) milik Melayu, Cina dan India tempatan dengan harga tinggi kemudian jual lebih murah kepada pelabur Cina negeri China. Melayu, Cina dan India tempatan untung sebab dapat untung besar bila 1MDB beli mahal. Syarikat negeri China pula untung sebab 1MDB jual murah.

Tak hairanlah kalau kita tercium sesuatu yang mencurigakan dalam urusan jual-beli terbaru ini. Seolah-olah ada udang sebalik baru.

Kemudian upah pemakan-pemakan dedak menyalak kononnya masalah 1MDB dah selesai, dosa dah tertebus, janji dah tertunai dan segala-galanya beres.

Tapi hanya orang yang tak tahu apa-apa saja akan percaya cerita karut-marut mereka. Yang tulis itu pun rasanya tak faham sebab mereka pun bergantung kepada penulis hantu.


Tun M: Berani kerana benar!!! Jasa seorang negarawan bukan untuk di dendang???

Sungguh aku malu dengan tindak-tanduk bangsaku yang tidak tahu mengenang budi. Tambah aku malu bagaimana mahu aku jelaskan kepada sahabatku seorang Jepun yang mana kita tahu bangsa Jepun cukup kagum dan hormatkan insan bernama DR.M.

Wahai Melayu...jika kalian tidak mahu mengenang budi seorang Negarawan yang banyak berjasa kepada Malaysia, jangan kau didik pula anak generasi kalian untuk mmbenci dan menghina Tun Mahathir.

Kerana ingatlah.. lantai KLCC yang kau pijak membawa anak-anak membeli-belah adalah atas gagasan insan hebat ni.

Jangan kalian lupa Putrajaya yang kalian duduki bagi mencari makan buat anak dan isteri adalah sentuhan 'arkitek' bernama Mahathir Mohamad.

Jika kalian memilih untuk menjimatkn masa dalam perjalanan bercuti keliling Malaysia atau balik kampung hatta pulang ke Jasin.. melewati pula lebuhraya PLUS Utara-Selatan..jangan kau pernah lupa.. lelaki 'tua' yang kalian bilang nyanyuk itu yang  mencetuskan idea membinanya untuk kemudahan rakyat jelata.

Di saat kalian bilang beliau seorang pengkhianat bangsa dan negara, TUN DR. MAHATHIR BIN MOHAMAD lah yang berani menempelak bangsa Yahudi lewat temuramah CNN atau membidas AS dan Israel lewat persidangan PBB.

Yang kalian bilang beliau memalukan Malaysialah.. yang menubuhkan Petronas dan PROTON hingga berdiri megah serta gagasan kepimpinannya menjadi terkenal serta namanya menjadi sebutan seluruh dunia Islam hatta mendapat penghormatan Putin di Rusia.

Sayangnya Bosnia kepada insan hebat bernama Mahathir tak habis cerita 1 hari 1 malam!

Dan terlalu banyak nikmat Malaysia kecapi selama 22thn dibawah pimpinan DR. MAHATHIR BIN MOHAMAD... hamba Allah yang dipinjamkn DIA buat kita.

Sampai masanya beliau akan pergi. Tak perlu kalian ajar beliau untuk berundur..
Kerana sayangnya beliau pada Malaysia.. di usia tuanya masih tak berhenti kerja serta memikirkan nasib negaranya.

Benarlah kata Tun M,
sikap buruk bangsaku yang mudah lupa!! Maafkan 'mereka', Tun!!!! :'

Lipan mempunyai sengat berbisa.

Lipan adalah sejenis seranga berkaki banyak. Lipan mempunyai sengat berbisa di bahagian hadapan.

Lipan suka tinggal di tempat sejuk dan lembab. Berhati-hati dengan lipan berbisa ini. 

Lipan juga boleh duduk dalam kasut kita. Jadi sebelum sarungkan kasut pastikan ketuk-ketuk dahulu kasut kita dan terbalikkan supaya jika ada lipan boleh dikeluarkan dari dalam kasut.

Silat Melayu



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