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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pakatan is organising transport to ferry people in from Singapore to vote in Gelang Patah.

Folks did you know that Singapore Police picked up Pakatan supporters campaigning among factory workers in Singapore? Now the Pakatan is organising transport to ferry people in from Singapore to vote in Gelang Patah.  Many of these people have PR in Singapore and have never voted before. Jeng jeng jeng.

Over in Kelantan the PAS-PIS-PUS is ferrying voters in from Thailand. Some of those people have citizenship in Thailand and Kelantan. This has been going on for a long time.

Here is the latest news from PKR sources. They are already preparing to lose the elections. Word has gone out for the PKR to spin (after Sunday) that they would have won with 21 seats if there had been no fraud. Their people are also expecting trouble after the results are announced.  So lets just remember that. To be fore-warned is to be fore-armed.

Well of the 13 or so other predictions that the Bloggers have made weeks and weeks ago about Anwar Ibrahim’s really stupid tricks, FOUR  have come true.

1. Thai porn actor look alike: We predicted that Anwar will present a look alike Thai porn actor to come on stage somewhere and say “ฉันได้เสมอต้องการให้มีลักษณะเหมือน  Anwar Ibrahim ฉันจ่ายเงินเป็นจำนวนมากและฉันสามารถมีลักษณะเหมือน Ambiga เกินไป”.

Well exactly according to script, they did find a Thai porn actor. But the guy they found was just 40 years old – not exactly the look alike of a 68 year old homo erectus. So they did not dare show him on any stage.

2. Qardhawi letter: Then we did predict weeks ago that they will produce a fake letter from Yusuf Qardhawi the  Arab khinzir look alike – endorsing Anwar as a leader worthy to bend over for.  Again exactly according to script, they did bring such a letter and even got tin sardin to endorse the letter.

3.  Azmin kisses and makes up with family: The other prediction that was made was that the Azmin fellow would make a video or take a picture with his family members. The family had kicked him out. This too has come to pass.

There was a reason the Blogs exposed that list. Firstly there are serious leaks inside the Braders nearest circle of friends.  The information is leaked out even before they can inform their own people. That is how the list was leaked out.

Secondly of course the idea is to make them look stupid. And they are stupid – people have been saying for weeks what you will be doing and then you do exactly as predicted.

It looks like that lost Omega watch (one of the predictions by the Bloggers) will not be making an appearance. That will make them look too  stupid.

Now another prediction -  ramping up the phantom voters or pengundi hantu issue is again spot on.This is prediction No. 4 that is being acted out exactly according to script. But true to Anwar Ibrahim’s intelligence, the story is too stupid and too full of holes.

Here is The Star:

‘Foreigners flown in to vote’
Anwar accused PM of chartering foreigners to  peninsula from Sabah & S’wak to vote.
Claiming to have a copy of an e-mail between top executives in an airline company implying that officers in the PMO were behind the charter, Anwar alleged that the foreigners would be ferried to various constituencies in the peninsula to vote in favour of Barisan Nasional.

Hoax : Documents with details “blacked out”
16 chartered flights a day from April 25 departing from Kuching, KK, Sandakan, Miri & Sibu…
  • 4,500 people into (KLIA) each day, at least 40,500 dubious individuals entering
  • provided purported evidence bearing airlines’ logo.
  • from Thailand, Cambodia, Pakistan and Myanmar through Bukit Kayu Hitam
  • from Indonesia via Port Klang and other coastal entry points.
  • foreigners based on “foreign-sounding” names in passenger list.
We have video recordings, photographic evidence and documents to support our claims.
Notice the dumb ass has blacked out some parts of his evidence. If UMNO holds up a blacked out document they will say it is a fake. Now he himself is holding up documents that have been blacked out. Bodoh.

OK remember Anwar is an almost failed Malay Studies graduate. He cant think very well. He is an intellectual dud.  He says:

i. 4,500 people come in thru KLIA daily.
ii. 40,500 foreigners have entered already.
iii. 16 chartered flights a day
iv. started from April 25th

Wow they are so mathematically precise and accurate: 4,500 people a day, 40500 foreigners, 16 flights a day. Such detailed information. No typos ah??  You know RM6.8 billion can become RM4.3 billion?

OK here is the arithmetic. If 4,500 people come in on 16 flights daily, that means 4,500 / 16 = 281 passengers per flight. Haiyya kawan, even MAS’ Airbus A320 can only take a maximum of 220 passengers.

Then he said (yesterday) that 40,500 foreigners have entered the Peninsula already since April 25  ie in just seven days.  So 40,500 / 7 = 5785 people a day. Again the arithmetic does not add up.  At first Anwar said 4,500 people came via 16 flights a day. Then his other figure says  5785 people arrived.
So which one is which? 4,500 people a day or 5,785 people a day?  The arithmetic simply does not add up. There is one way to increase the number of passengers per flight. You just put them on top of the plane.

Maybe at the next news conference someone should tell this jackass to do the necessary corrections.
To get 4,500 people a day, it should be 20 flights a day flying on Airbus A320 with maximum capacity of 220 passengers ok?

To get  5,785 passengers a day, it should be 26 flights a day (Airbus A320).  Just pick one plane and one number  and make the necessary corrections.

I am also perplexed – for UMNO’s Lahad Datu Sulu invasion conspiracy they said that the Government flew out our Army boys using Air Asia. The Government did not use MAS. Now for this foreign voters conspiracy the Government is using MAS. Not Air Asia.

They say they have “video recordings, photographic evidence and documents to support our claims”.  Eh.. tapi Hadi kata video itu besi. Tak boleh pakai maa.

If you have the evidence, show it now. Video itu besi pun tak apa lah – just show the evidence now. Dont wait until after May 5th, after you have lost the elections and then start showing these fake evidence around  (like the blacked out documents) just to stir up trouble.

The moron also says: “foreigners based on “foreign-sounding names in passenger listfrom Thailand, Cambodia, Pakistan and Myanmar through Bukit Kayu Hitam…

I say bodoh bangang – that is why people are called foreigners. Because they look different, they speak a different language and their names sound foreign. That is why the word ‘foreigner‘ exists.
But why on earth would anyone want to fly in foreigners with foreign sounding names to vote in the Peninsula? “from Thailand, Cambodia, Pakistan and Myanmar …

Hang ni bodoh ke? Do you mean UMNO is so stupid to fly in people with names sounding like Azzimudie Kiram, Bantilal Kiram, Manuel Arroyo Ejaculato, Aung San Su Kyi,  Molikul Shinawatra, Hun Sen, Benazir Bhutto and  Dimsang Rampa and just ask them to mingle with the crowds in Bangsar, Bukit Damansara, Seputeh, Tanjong Karang or Lembah Pantai?

Oh ok I get it now.  Prepare fake MyKads for them as well. So Aung San Suu Kyi will be sent to Kelantan to vote as Fatimah Bachok. Manuel Arroyo Ejaculato will be sent to Penang to vote as Abdool Kareeeeeem Abdool Sultaaan in Jelutong. Wah, UMNO so crever one.
(Whatever happened on the night this moron was conceived, the DNA for his brains was somehow placed in a different post box).

There is another reason why the moron is making these stupid statements.  They are going to use all this crap to stir up the crowds after the Polls close on Sunday. When they lose the elections – they are going to create trouble. All these fake documents and fake stories will be used to stir up their unthinking supporters. Just wait and see.

Let us all take precautions. I hope the Police will take the necessary precautions too. Please don’t say that you have not been warned.

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